Implementation of Complementary Access
The IAEA must typically give the State 24-hours advance notice of Complementary Access (CA), but only two-hours notice if the CA is sought in conjunction with a current IAEA inspection or design information verification (DIV).  The advance notice from the Agency must be in writing and specify the purpose of the CA and the activities to be conducted. CA will only take place during regular working hours and representatives of the State have the right to accompany the IAEA inspectors during CA.

If the objective of the CA is to resolve a question or inconsistency on a declaration, the IAEA will give the State the opportunity to clarify or resolve the issue or question.  This will be done before the IAEA requests the CA, unless the delay in access would prejudice the purpose of the CA.

Under Article 5. of the AP, the IAEA has the right to request access to: The IAEA CA kit may contain radiation detection instruments, a global positioning system (GPS), and a digital camera.

Depending on the location of the CA the IAEA may carry out some of the following activities: