Submitting Declarations to the IAEA
The preferred language for the declarations is English, since this is the working language of the IAEA. However, submission of declarations in any official language of the IAEA is acceptable.

A declaration consists of the information and activities combined to create a single set of declarable activities that is sent to the IAEA. Subsequent declaration information can supplement a previous declaration, but does not physically replace or modify the previous declaration.  

Additional Protocol (AP) declarations may be submitted to the IAEA in hard copy using Microsoft Word or PDF format.  However, States are urged to provide the declarations electronically using the IAEA Protocol Reporter software. The Protocol Reporter was developed by the IAEA to help States collect and manage the information being reported under the Additional Protocol. The software helps consolidate the submissions to produce a complete and consistent format for submitting declarations. The Protocol Reporter is free of charge to States requesting a CD-ROM of the full system software. Directions for using the software are provided under "Reporting Tools"

Submitting AP declarations to the IAEA in electronic form can be done via a CD or diskette through a diplomatic pouch, or as an encrypted attachment to an email message. The process and medium by which a State transmits the declarations are subject to agreement between the State and the IAEA.