Reviewing and Tracking
The review process is an important part of preparing the declarations. Reviewing the declarable activities before submitting them to the IAEA can ensure that the information is correct and complete. The reviews might spot missing activities, missing information, discrepancies, or any managed access concerns.

Technical Review - The technical review ensures that the information is correct and complete and that the appropriate level of detail is provided. The technical reviewers could be project-related personnel and experienced AP and safeguards knowledgeable personnel. If feasible, the technical reviewers should not be the same personnel involved with the development and preparation of the declarable activities. This ensures a more unbiased checking of the technical data.

Security Review - Security reviews ensure that sensitive or proprietary information is protected and that no inadvertent transfer occurs of export controlled technical data. Security reviews may also identify locations where managed access is needed as specified in article 7a.

Tracking System - Tracking the process of identifying, developing, and reviewing the declarations can help organize AP declarations. An internal tracking mechanism can be as simple as a spreadsheet or database to maintain important notes or a history of the information. This would be useful if there are questions regarding a particular activity. Even activities that were identified as potentially declarable in the beginning, and then in the development stage were found to not be declarable, could be tracked. For future reference, it can be important to have a method to document what activities were identified, who was contacted for activity details, and any follow on questions that the IAEA may have regarding the specific activity.