Declaration Examples
Here are examples of declarations that may help to understand the types and level of detail of requested information. The examples are based on “Guidelines and Format for Preparation and Submission of Declarations Pursuant to Articles 2 and 3 of the Model Protocol Additional to Safeguards Agreements”.

Article 2.a.(i) - Fuel Cycle-Related Research and Development (government-sponsored)
Article 2.a.(iii) - Buildings on Each Site

Article 2.a.(iv) - Nuclear-related Manufacturing Activities

Article 2.a.(v) - Uranium Mines and Concentration Plants, and Thorium Concentration Plants

Article 2.a.(vi) - Source Material Holdings, Exports, and Imports

Article 2.a.(vii) - Nuclear Material Exempted from Safeguards
Article 2.a.(viii) - Further Processing of Intermediate of Certain High-level Waste
Article 2.a.(ix) - Exports and Imports of Nuclear-related equipment and Non-nuclear Material
Article 2.a.(x) - Ten-year Plan
Article 2.b.(i) - Fuel Cycle-Related Research and Development (private sector)