Developing the Declaration
Once the activities have been discussed and the relevant information is gathered about an activity, SRPNA can decide if the activity is or is not declarable. If it is determined to be declarable, the relevant information can be entered into the IAEA Protocol Reporter software. Any descriptions of the activity should include enough detail to understand the AP-related activities in a State. This helps the Agency confirm that no nuclear activities are concealed within the State’s declared program and that no elements of the program are used for undeclared nuclear activities. Providing correct and complete information may reduce possible questions from the IAEA.

General guidelines from the IAEA Service Series No. 11 document, Guidelines and Format for Preparation and Submission of Declarations Pursuant to Articles 2 and 3 of the Model Protocol Additional to Safeguards Agreements, will help to understand what information to provide as well as ensure the consistency of the information being reported for each activity.