Identifying Potentially Declarable Activities
To determine or confirm potentially declarable activities, SRPNA could start by asking a few basic questions regarding the areas of information to be reported. The answers to these questions may help break down the process to identify what activities are reportable and where to go for more information to determine the location and other relevant details of the activity. The information gathering provides a better understanding of the activity and can identify any related activities that may be reportable. Some of the investigation involves knowing which responsible government agency is regulating the activity. Conducting searches on the internet can also provide information about private industry involved in AP-related activities that are not funded by the State.

Informal requests to the IAEA can be made if there are questions in deciding whether an activity should be declared. Seeking advice from the IAEA is highly recommended when clarifying any issues or questions. If there is still doubt as to whether or not to declare an activity, it is recommended to declare the activity, and then later modify or remove it.