Developing and Submitting a Declaration
This module offers advice and guidance on how to identify Additional Protocol related activities that may be declarable.  A list of potentially declarable activities is first created and further refined to decide whether or not each activity should be reported. This process involves discussing the activity with the owners or with the principal contacts in order to better understand the nature, objective or outcome of the activity. Once detailed information is obtained about the activity, it can be inputted into the IAEA Protocol Reporter (PR). 

This module provides examples of declarations using fictional data to demonstrate how to describe an activity and what level of detail is appropriate. The module also addresses the internal review process of declarations before submitting to the IAEA and the importance of tracking the activities during the development, review, and submittal stages of the declaration process.

The declarations examples and other relevant information on declarations can be found in the IAEA Service Series No. 11 document, Guidelines and Format for Preparation and Submission of Declarations Pursuant to Articles 2 and 3 of the Model Protocol Additional to Safeguards Agreements