Submitting Declarable Activities to the IAEA

Each year following the initial Additional Protocol (AP) declaration, States are required by Article 3 of the AP to update previous declarations. The updates are due yearly (by May 15) whereas declarations for exports of Annex II equipment and non-nuclear material are due quarterly.  The updates reflect AP-related activities that occurred during the previous calendar year (1. January through 31. December). The purpose is to report changes to previous information and report new AP-related activities. Even declarations that have not changed should be indicated as such.  

In parallel, declarations on exports of Annex II equipment and non-nuclear material are due quarterly and are not updates to a declaration. More information on developing and submitting a declaration is provided in the "Making a Declaration" module

Processing - describes the tasks that must be performed between the time declaration data has been received by the AP implementing government entity and declaration submittal to the IAEA. What steps are required, who performs each step, and timelines are some of the considerations.

Tracking - addresses the mechanism(s) by which declaration data and declared activities are managed (stored, changed, and deleted). The function is typically performed with software, but can also be done as a paper process or a combination of the two.

Correctness and Completeness - describes the processes for assuring that all declarable activities and data are collected, and that the submitted data is accurate. What and how record copies are managed and who is responsible for the record copies are also covered under this subject.

Recurrence - identifies activities that can be done while preparing for the current declaration to ensure that subsequent declarations for activities and exports are processed more efficiently. How declaration updates are managed and who is responsible are some considerations.